chandler collins: on journaling

I notice common themes emerging from my writings. I’ve been putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys) more often lately and it has revealed that my mind is not as scattered as I once believed. The most prevalent themes that I’ve noticed are of existential satisfaction, future anxiety, minimalism, and need for specialization. As Camus writes, artist only say one thing in various ways their whole lives. I wonder what my message to the world will end up being. Will it be in the form of photos or words or business or what? I don’t know. Perhaps one’s impact only emerges after their passing. “In order to see the bottom of the pond, you must first let the water settle.”

I read the other day about the diaries of Michael Palin, one of the Monty Python creators. He talked about how time transforms the past and can give meaning to once pointless and scattered entries. Time gives an arc to the stories of our lives and journaling is my way of giving time background info.