chandler collins: Endless Summer

The sun has been stripped of its brilliance
Dismantled, repackaged and sold to the hungry
Gaping maws perched atop lukewarm bodies

Endless winters have found their ends
We bear our flames and hide from the cold
For our gods have abandoned us

Erect statues of dethroned kings
Preside over their own legacies
As they grumble for a new taste of blood

I come from a patchwork quilt
Stitched together by national loyalties
Quartered by concrete veins

Caravans of iron chariots
Smuggling their green gold
To desolate islands of consumption

My home is a cloud of nostalgia
Filled by unconscious ignorance

A crowded stage
Brimming with manufactured authenticism
Yearning for an author to weave them together
Into a cohesive arc.