chandler collins: Accepting Rejection

Today, along with ~3,200 hopeful students across the world, I wasn’t accepted into Princeton. When looking at other people’s problems, we have a tendency to diminish their effects on the person. While this isn’t the world for me or for the other applicants, it can still be difficult to feel as if your future has been swept out from under you. For me, I’ve had my heart set on Princeton since touring it in June. So for six months I’ve hoped to be able to call it home, but now it seems that I won’t be able to.

A key part of accepting rejection is by approaching it differently. I’m trying to view my rejection not as a lost opportunity, but as a sign that I should look somewhere else. In my mind, I view colleges like travel destinations. Imagine you’re standing in an airport and someone says gives you a free ride ticket to any destination you choose. How do you go about choosing where to go?

While there are certainly travel destinations that are worse than others (I don’t imagine I’ll be taking a family trip to Damascus anytime soon), once you get to the top there really isn’t a way to go wrong. If Princeton was Reykjavik, Georgetown was Paris, Auburn was Vienna, Alabama was London… how do you choose between them?

So, upon reflection, I’ve come to be grateful that my future has been made clearer. While my original flight has been cancelled, I’m now able to pack my bags and get going towards a new destination. Paris here I come.